Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spamming Not Good For CRM

In terms of email marketing, one of the challenge remains the customer to open the message in order to convert it. Email is a very personal medium, and because it is cheap, a lot of companies are using it for communication. Of course, some of them abuse of it, which you commonly know as spamming.

A study shows out that North Americans customers are very fast to unsubscribe, especially when the message is irrelevant, or when emails are received too frequently.

CRM aims to develop a sustainable relationship between a company and its customers, by providing an accurate conversation, taking into accounts customer's background and potential.

The idea is to limit the number of message, in order to provide a great message for customers.

As a matter of fact, this is the main reason why Seth Godin has created the Permission Marketing idea. People always forget that as an interaction medium, the email accounts are very personnal and should be handled with care. Moreover, when a customer unsubscribe, you are getttin rid of data and the possibility to communicate with him.

Therefore, in order to limit the unsubscription, and to keep your opening rates high, it is important to use email marketing efficiently, proposing powerful communication and fitting with customers' will in terms of frequency.