Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inspiring Customers Thanks To Non Profit Organization Techniques

Non profit organization share in commons: they are inspiring. They are able to get emotional with their donors, because they have an inspiring goal. It could be to educate children in poor country. To help homeless people, to fight cancer...

To market such an organization isn't so hard on a branding point of view: as they have a great goal, they creat empathy. But what if businesses could be learning from their techniques in order to create an emotional bond with their customers? Here is a great article that considered the idea.

1. To inspire the consumer, you must help him believe in something that he once thought was impossible.

That is probably the toughest one. Indeed, non profit organization have this ability in their genes. They are meant to change the world, to fight for what is percieved as impossible. But for a company, that has a business relationship, this is difficult to have such an image. However, you could try to approach it by making your customer active, pushing him to interact, to share, and to create value, wether it is for the company (to improve products or service) or for the community, or even for himself.

2. To inspire the consumer, you must show genuine appreciation for her business.

Imagine how a customer would feel if he received a voice mail simply saying, "Thank you for being such a great customer [or client]. We are not calling to sell you anything else, only to say thank you."That is an original idea, but indeed, sometimes companies forget how much customers are important for them. Let's not forget that without customers, there is no business. You should be thankful for all transactions made.

3. To inspire the consumer, you must help him see that he is a part of a bigger community of world changers.

Indeed, you must explain why you are like that. That might be the easiest one once you have decided of a guideline, of how you are aiming to change the world.

This is a very interesting article. I don't believe these tools are so easy to leverage, but it is interesting to see how non profit organization are using them on a marketing standpoint.