Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Self Scanning Continues To Spread In France

Self scanning is a technology that enable customers to scan themselves products in order to avoid going to cashier. The main strength is to save time.

Self scanning in France is quite different from what it is in the US. Indeed, the customer don't go to a self check out spot, but is scanning products on the go, while grocery shopping. This is a big difference because with this concept you don't even need to do no line. You pick up the handheld, you shop and then you put it back.

Self scanning has been launched first by Auchan, and now, most of French grocery retailers own some stores equiped with such machines.

If I am quite wondering about the added value for customers of self check out, because you are basically getting rid of a service (someone scanning for you products), self scanning can save time to customers, and limit workforce expenses for retailers. Also, if self scanning springs up, it could save up room dedicated right now for cashiers to other products.