Friday, May 15, 2009

Mobile To Transform Emailing campaigns

We have talked a lot about the new social media for marketing campaigns, but emailing still exist! Emailing marketing has faced some challenges.

Because emailing is a fairly unexpensive medium and easy to implement, a lot of advertisers used it, creating an overload of emails and spams. Therefore return on investment rates went down recently because of it.

Emailing isn't that cheap as it requires data base management in order to limit the crunch rate and spamming.

I believe emailing has a new chance to reinvent itself thanks to mobile devices. The mass market starts to be equiped with internet empowered handheld, and email consumption has hence been transformed. Emails can be used on the go, consulted at all time, and new functionality linked to the emails have sprung up.

Email marketing should therefore leverage these innovations and new behavior, to link Internet strategy and retail or customer experience.

E-couponing is on the rise, and I am sure there are tons of ideas to be found to get the best of these new possibilities.