Thursday, May 21, 2009

Twitter Spamming

Twitter spamming is becoming more and more important. Loic Lemeur recently had a post on the Twitter Traffic Machine. The concept is simple and attractive for marketers: set up an automatic Twitter machine that will post constantly and friend people in order to generate revenues. The idea is very close to the email spamming, but so dangerous.
Email spamming
Spamming is easy, and because of spamming a lot of people believe that email marketing is cheap: It is cheap to get people's email address, and then send them tons of emails, hoping for one little transactions to make it profitable. But because of the system, you are killing the medium. If email accounts, or for instance Twitter feed, is overload by spams, then people won't be interested anymore.
People fighting spamming
That is one of the reason why we have seen the permission marketing emerging. Twitter now is facing the same problem. It is the same for print: people have seen an overload of non addressed messages, and have shown their disinterest. They are even militating for less commercials in their mail box.

What will be the response to these machines? Twitter now has a new challenge to overcome: Provide an easy and efficicent way to fight against these spammers.