Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mobile To Boost CRM Programs

Mobile is the next best tool to interact with customers. There is no doubt about that. The mass market starts to be equipped with Internet empowered mobile handheld, and new possibilities are being explored, especially thanks to the Iphone.

Thus, mobile could become one of the main customer relationship management (CRM) tools for the next few years. It must be hold with caution, as cell phones are a very private device, but some new usages are being defined.

I have found this article on mobile marketer explaining why mobile will probably become the next big enhancer of CRM. What is very ingenious about the post is that it gives you concrete ways to use the new capabilities of cell phones for crm campaigns.

Auto sector and customer renewal
A major focus, if not the focus, for automotive CRM programs is to minimize churn and get customers to repurchase.

There are numerous factors and sophisticated modeling that go into these cycle predictions, especially between lease and purchase customers.

One factor, which is a bit more recent, is how to identify and distribute the right communication to customers who bought an SUV or other heavy fuel consumption vehicles within the last three to four years, but based on rising fuel costs and the state of the economy, now wish to downgrade to a more eco-friendly vehicle.

Mobile enhancer: How about delivering an SMS coupon when they arrive at the pump – “Here’s $5.00 off this fuel purchase, save even more next with the new (insert eco car here).”

This same offer is replicated throughout other CRM touch-point messaging, and the mobile extension brings it home, on location and right at the moment of heightened state of cost consideration.

"Catalog retailers
A classic tactic for catalog retailers, especially those who have a significant bricks-and-mortar footprint, is to distribute exclusive sales promotions to their loyal customer base.

Mobile enhancer: Ask customers to take pictures of their favorite sale items from the catalog to build a personal shopping list and bring in-store for additional percentage off.

Retailers could also gain additional data insights from this tactic by implementing technology such as Microsoft Tag within catalog pages.

Consumer packaged goods
Have you ever stopped at the supermarket on your way home from work only to search for a quick recipe from your mobile device for the first meat of choice that catches your eye?

Recipe ideas are another classic tactic that packaged goods retailers use to build both loyalty and drive product purchase.

Mobile enhancer: Text alerts providing recipe suggestions based on what your local supermarket has on sale or in season. With your packaged goods retailer’s ingredient first on the list, of course."

These are great examples you should think about when you'll start defining your next mobile marketing campaign. What do you think about those ideas? I find them pretty smart.