Saturday, May 09, 2009

Will Customer Service Be A Victim Of The Crisis?

In such an economical downturn, I understand companies are looking for budget cuts. Even though many studies incentive companies to keep investing in marketing to gain market shares and keep the business running, I advocate more visibility on the return on investment is necessary.

Now, my own opinion is that a CRM strategy properly defined is a key success to go through a crisis. A proper CRM strategies could ease the purchase via financing offers. Also, a great CRM can help companies

A recent article on destination CRM exposes some companies are considering cutting budgets dedicated to customer services to enhance productivity. I just believe this is totally a wrong idea. Customers have limited their spending budgets. Probably a reorganization of those kind of departments could bring some synergies and ways to cut the costs, but customer service is a key to reassure customers and trigger the purchase.