Saturday, May 02, 2009

Is Twitter Going Mainstream?

Twitter is probably the hottest web 2.0 service of the moment. If the social medium was only known by a few geek that were telling to the world most of the time not very interesting things, there is a big buzz springing up.

Some Hollywood stars now own their Twitter accounts: Hugh Jackman (Hugh Jackman Giving $100K to Charity via Twitter), Oprah Winfrey (Will Twitter See an “Oprah Effect”?) or Ashton Kutcher (How Oprah and Ashton have forever changed Twitter). Also, Twitter made the headlines of the NBA couple of weeks ago, for different reasons.

Now you can see some ads promoting Twitter accounts like above. And below, some major mobile phone service talking about Twitter use.

Now Twitter counts 14 million users, which is actually not that much compared to Facebook. Fred Cavazza thinks it sounds like a new Second Life kind of hype. I believe we are just seeing Twitter coming out of the geeks' sphere, and it is going mainstream. Now more and more people are using and defining the use of the serice. I just believe that Twitter might be a mainstream service and we'll talk more and more about that in the next few weeks. Actually, if you are a frenquent reader of this blog, you have probably noticed that Twitter has become a recurrent topic. I think it will remain so.