Sunday, January 04, 2009

The web in 2008

January is the best time in the year to have an overview of what happened the previous year. Here is a good video summarizing what the greatest thing on the web were in 2008.

Here are the two main things that marked the 2008 year:

  • Apple: Apple had a tremendous year, whatever people could say. They launched with success their new Iphone, which allowed them to become n2 on the smartphones market. They also innovated with their Itunes platform, focusing on selling more video contents (movies and TV shows), but also thanks to their new Iphone, cell phones apps and games. The McBook Air has already been a great success in the laptop market.

  • The Instant web: The Instant web has been one of the main trend in 2008, and should remain one in 2009. Thanks to all the new web 2.0 services and the Internet more and more accessible on the go thanks to cell phones, the information is becoming faster and faster, and you can access to instant information wherever you are. The instant web, it is Twitter, Friendfeed, and also Facebook which new interface focus on the freshest information accessible from your community. The Instant web is on, and will probably shadow the "web 2.0" that most of the new start ups don't like the term anymore.

What about you? What did you think that was remarkable in 2008?