Monday, January 12, 2009

Gregoire's Success Story: How A Great Web 2.0 Example

My French audience probably know about Gregoire's success story, but I believe it is not that known on the other side of the ocean. I wanted to tell about it on this blog as it is a great example on how the Internet and the web 2.0 could change the way companies need to think their business model.

Gregoire is a new French artist.
He registered on a website called MymajorCompany. This is a kind of web 2.0 major company, where users can produce artists by giving them money to finance their album.
Users can finance anything from $5 to 1600$, and once the artist collect $70000, he has enough money to produce his album.
Thus, Gregoire decided to post his music and songs on the website in order to get some audience and find some people that would finance his first album.

Indeed, it worked: He found 347 producers (who you can see in the video clip of the song below), and has been able to use Internet to get exposure. Whereas no one has never heard of him before, Gregoire's song "toi plus moi" is now on most of French radios.

It is now a huge success in France, and he sold more than 200 000 albums so far. This is a great example on the power of web 2.0. This story will probably inspire some new artists or new ideas. Indeed, the power of scale of the Internet has helped big time the artist to both get financing and to get exposure.

What do you think about this story?