Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Smart Stores

LSA, French magazine specialized in retailing, issued an article on February 14 2008 about how new technologies will be implemented into retails, and how they will enhance the shopper experience. Thanks to these technologies, stores will tend to become smarter, offering a better service to their customers.
Smart stores Tactile information screens: Tactile screens are getting more and more commons in stores. They propose for example ideas for your wine and meal (or cheese) combination, also some recipes ideas. Also it could give you information to get a proper diet and with advices on how to lower your carb consumption.

Smart fitting room: This is a great cross selling tool. The fitting room proposes you items that would match with the cloth you are trying on: a pair of boots for your skirt, a nice shirt that will suits you with your new pants.Smart fitting room It will instantly dress you up with the new proposed items in the reflection of the mirror. You can also send pictures via MMS to your friends of your new clothes to get their comments and reactions.

RFID tags: these products tagged with such a technology will give access to the customer to some more information. For example, when a shopper will take out of the shelves a product, a screen will tell him the different options he has for this product (size, color, etc...). European wholesaler Metro is already using this kind of RFID tags for his clothing section.

Smart carts: Microsoft and MediaCart have developed a new type of cart, equipped with a screen. This new product will be tested at Shope-Rite on the East coast in a short time. The shopper types in his shopping list, and then the cart will guide him through the store. Products are scanned right when the shopper places them in the cart.

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