Saturday, October 11, 2008

Seesmic is laying off people

Tough times. Tough decisions.also read my blog post

I was saying on this blog that Loic Lemeur's lack of new posts on his blog might be a sign of problems, and I might have been right... Today Loic Lemeur has announced he was laying off 7 people of the Seesmic's staff.  Some other blogs are now speaking publicly about the difficulties to raise funds for start ups.

First of all, I want to wish good luck for the people that have been laid off. I know it might be hard. Their expertise, their skills should not be questioned, and I am sure this experience building up Seesmic will help them a lot.

Secondly, I am very sorry to hear that Seesmic will be affected by the crisis. I want to encourage you Loic, to tell you that a lot of people are supporting your business. As a Chinese proverb says: "In order to overcome adversity you need to face it". Keep faith! You can't always have the market supporting your growth! And actually, on the long term, it might help you out as some of your competitors might get out of business. I am sure you have the experience to go through this crisis smoothly.

I strongly believe Seesmic has a great future in front of it, and will become a major service on the Internet.

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