Friday, October 31, 2008

The New Citroen Concept Car on Gran Turismo 5

French car manufacturer Citroen has been the main sensation of the Paris Motor Show. They presented their new concept car, the Citroen Gran Turismo, a futurist car that reminds a little bit some Lamborghini's models. You can check out this magnificent model herein.

Citroen had a great idea in order to create a buzz around this car and get it popular to the teenager population. Indeed, if you own GT5 Prologue, a famous racing video game, you could drive with this model, as it has been added up to the game.
Not all players will have the opportunity to test the car as to unlock it you need to have tons of credits (to earn while racing). But as the car is beautiful, I think it is worthwhile.

That is a great idea to communicate with the GT car lovers via a game they love to use.

Here are some images of the car in the game, racing vs a Ferrari F2007.