Thursday, October 02, 2008

Google 2001

Google in 2001
In honor of the 10th birthday of Google, they brought back their oldest available index. Take a look back at Google in January 2001. This is great even though you are not able to go onto the pages that right now have disappeared... But still, gives you a good outlook of what the Internet and contemporary discussions were about:

  • You can first see that the precision of the results have enhanced a lot. This is due to the Google search engine which is better, but also due to the growth of the web, with better contents, especially with the blogosphere and the 2.0 trends (wikis, and so on). Try to check Jacques Chirac results... Very poor, whereas he is French president at this time.
  • Facebook was a small Harvard online community, far from what we know right now. Myspace did not seem to exist at this time though, neither youtube nor dailymotion.
  • Indeed, in 2001 I did not launch neither my blog nor my website. Therefore, you can't find any information on me at this time. This have changed a lot...
  • You find very few information on Barrack Obama, some concerning a bill about child support.
  • About the subprime crisis. If you type in "subprime" or "subprime crisis" you can already see that some people where alarming about the high concentraction of such loans in the poor populations of the US.
  • No traces of the World Trade Center attacks. However, if you key "Bin Laden" you could see that he was already hunted down by the United States for some other terrorist affairs, including Kenya. They are also speaking about Al Qaeda and their Afghan camps. By curiosity, also you should type Bin Laden 911.
And you, what kind of interesting information did you find on it?

This information was found on Loic Lemeur's blog.

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