Monday, October 27, 2008

Customer Relationship Management Starts With The Packaging

The packaging: an innovative customer relationship management tool
Most of the time, while you are thinking about customer relationship management and customer relationship strategies in general, you are mainly thinking about sales persons, call centers, emailing and websites.

Customer relationship is about a conversation. This is very true, and you expect hence to establish an interaction, whether if it is via a person (call center, salesperson, or on a website thanks to a chat or an emailing system). But what is very true, especially in the retailing business, is that the customer relationship management effort starts with the packaging.

Packaging is one of the first contact with the brand
Let's not forget that the packaging is most of the time the first eye-contact making tool prior the shopper becomes a buyer. Most of the time it achieves the decision making process, or even influence it deeply.

Also the package by its shapes, colors and composure expresses the core values of the brand. By simply looking at it, you should be able to have a clear view of what the product is about, its main strengths, and sometimes its main target.

Packaging to promote the interaction with the brand.
But also the packaging is what the customer will see every single time it will use your product if you are brands like Nestle or Dannon. That means if you get it the proper way, you could start your conversation or incentive the customer to the conversation by explaining why he should call, give his opinion or visit your website.

Therefore packagings should think more about establishing a first contact, and get the customer to start a relationship with the brand.


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