Friday, April 18, 2008

Enterprise Feedback Management

I went on Friday April 11 to the Stanford's job fair where I found very interesting companies. I will talk about some of them within the next few days. Today, I wanted to focus on one of them which interested me, as a customer relationship management specialist.

Medallia is an enterprise feedback management company located in Menlo Park, California.

What is Enterprise feedback management?

Enterprise feedback management is an integrated approach to the management of all forms of feedback available to an organization. On a customer relationship point of view, acquiring new customers is becoming more and more difficult & expensive. The best way to increase its revenues is therefore to focus on your customers, and to enhance the customer experience you can provide. Over the past few years, companies have worked on offering more and more services to satisfy customers. The question is how can you improve the satisfaction.

The first step is to gather their feedback, to analyze it, and use the data to find ways to increase customers' satisfaction.

Thus, whenever the customer is in contact with the company (Internet, phone, retail visit), Medallia send afterward a survey to analyze the customer experience.

I invite you to visit Medallia's website. They expose some of the work they did for their clients.

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  1. Enterprise feedback management (EFM) is a system of processes and software that enables organizations to centrally manage deployment of surveys while dispersing authoring and analysis throughout an organization. EFM systems typically provide different roles and permission levels for different types of users, such as novice survey authors, professional survey authors, survey reporters and translators. EFM can help an organization establish a dialogue with employees, partners, and customers regarding key issues and concerns and potentially make customer specific real time interventions.