Friday, November 27, 2015

Walmart Invests In Its Warehouse To Compete Online With Amazon

I announced it at the beginning of the year, but it is for use an important year for brick & mortar tycoons which invested a lot in gaining market shares on the Ecommerce playground. Walmart is for sure the retailer that invested the most.

This summer, Walmart has opened a brand new warehouse for that matter. Indeed, to compete with Amazon or other pure players, you need to have the same tools. This is the reason why they opened a 110 000 square meters warehouse dedicated 100% to their Ecommerce business. Why is this warehouse more adapted to the Ecommerce competition?

Walmart plans to open 4 other warehouses by the end of 2015 to reach 95% of the US population. Furthermore, obviously, Walmart owns a large store network that can complete and offer more versatility to customers to get their goods.

This example shows you clearly that supply chain and logistics are key elements in the Ecommerce business that needs to be mastered. It is different to ship goods in full trucks than couple of packages to a home. And Walmart is working actively to fill the gap.