Thursday, November 05, 2015

Thoughts On The New "Like Button" Of Twitter

This week Twitter changed its favorite button to a "Like" Button. The new button has replaced the star icon by a red heart one. Why such a move? Actually I am really wondering why they have changed.

Moreover, I believe there are features missing in Twitter, and it has been a while they could have add them up:
  • Categorize a tweet in a specific category
  • Add a keep it for later category.
Actually, I was using the favorite button for that matter: keeping some interesting tweets to read and think about later. Which was actually not really a "favortie" action. I actually was eager to have a button just to show my acceptance of something, but my usage of it did not allow me to.

Moreover, why using the "like" word? To look a bit more like Facebook? I am a bit lost in this change.

Also, I have noticed recently they added a poll feature, which is actually really cool an d easy to use. 

Hope the new features I need will be available soon.