Thursday, November 19, 2015

Some Thoughts On Amazon Banning Apple TV & Google Chromecast From Its Website

I recently learned that Amazon has stopped selling on its website both Apple TV & Google Chromecast. Both gears are aimed to plug online video features onto a TV set. Amazon has decided so as they have their own TV plug, the Amazon Fire TV.

This is actually a very interesting topic. Shall we blame Amazon to do so? On a customer stand point, you can obviously discuss the fact they are restraining competition. But Apple don't sell in its Apple Store neither Amazon Fire TV nor Chromecast. But obviously, when Amazon is aiming to be the all around retailer, expanding its categories way beyond cultural goods, how could they explain to avoid proposing good sellers?

But what is important to notice is to see how those companies, that based their initial expertise in different fields are now in direct competition from each others:
  • Apple is an electronic hardware manufacturer, that got into the cultural good market, thanks to Itunes, but other new platforms they are working on.
  • Google is a search engine company, that is now producing software for mobile gears as well as hardware;
  • Amazon is an online retailer that is building hardware to master the sell of cultural goods.

Because of this new kind of competition, you can clearly see that it is difficult to apprehend a competition that have different interests.
It will be interesting to see the new points those companies will have conflicts as their strategies expand.