Thursday, November 26, 2015 Use Both In Store & Online Data To Customize Its Webpage

Tesco has always been one of trail blazer of the data usage in the retail business. They have designed one of the most efficient customer loyalty reward program ever, operated by a joint venture named Dunnhumby. The success of the program has always been based on the ability of Dunnhumby to analyze customers behavior in order to propose them accurate promotions.

Sandrine Devy chief of sales of international markets, have recently given an interview at French magazin LSA. She explains the way Dunnhumby is leveraging both in store collected data with online visits data.

The Tesco's online website have been splitted in different sub categories, each of them customized. This is the reason why each customers will have a unique webpage, due to all those multiple factors that will be shaped upon its purchase behavior.

Indeed, you can see below that you have not only customized promotions, but shopping list features, recommandations based on lifestyle, ...

This feature has been enabled by the fact both in store and web data have been synched in a unique data base. 

Moreover, Dunnhumby is working on a new program that will allow customers to analyze their own shopping paterns, with information on where they have spent money, what kind of products they consume, in order for them to shop better.

Dunnhumby is struggling at the moment with its international business, as they have stopped partnerships with two important historical retailers, Kroger in the US and Casino in France. Furthermore, Tesco is looking forward selling its shares in order to focus on its operations. 

But as you can see after having read this article, they clearly master their trade, and could help a bunch of retailers to benefit from big data.

Actually, probably it is one of the best way to succeed in a multi channel effort for brick & mortar retailers: to do it by customers analysis to propose them the best response to their needs.