Friday, November 13, 2015

Retail Strategy: Target Launches A New Ecommerce Presence In Over 200 Countries

Target is one of the leading retailers in the United States and Canada. Nevertheless, they have a limited presence abroad. French magazine LSA has recently published an article announcing the launch of its Ecommerce website in over 200 countries

- 50% of the product range available on the US website
- Same prices than in the US
- Available in 60 different currencies
- In large international markets like The European Union or China

This is a very interesting move, because it is quite innovative to see a brick & mortar retailer trying to conquier new markets thanks to its Ecommerce website. Actually, another remarkable move have been previously made by Costco, settling in China thanks to an Ecommerce partnership with Alibaba.

I believe that this is a very interesting move. Ecommerce allow more flexible approach of new markets, either geographically, as does Target, but also new category to approach.

Now the challenge will be vast:
  • The supply chain: Target needs to find a solution to ship products abroad, and there will be issues with the cost of shipping, but also the time to deliver the goods.
  • The marketing: How could Target compete with Amazon, already settled in most countries. Moreover, there is already brick & mortar competition, and I don't really know how Target could position itself different enough to gain marketshares.
  • How could they manage their websites? I don't believe Target will have local management for this initiative. And they'll need people in order to advertize, to boost the activity, in order to have real results.