Monday, December 28, 2015

Accenture Getting Rid of Annual Performance Review & Ratings

Accenture has recently quitted its habbit to perform annual review and employees ratings.
Indeed, by focusing too much about this quantative approach, the company found out that it was only promoting a type of employees self centered and narcistic, actually the skills necessary in order to have "better ratings than other employees". 

Obviously, when you are in a competition, you may use all kind of means to reach your goals. As the mother of Shaquille O'Neal says in the movie Blue Chips "a foul is not a foul until the referee blow the whistle"... But obviously, this type of profile can't be preeminent in an organization without creating real issues in term of team cohesion & management.

“The art of leadership is not to spend your time measuring, evaluating,” Nanterme said. “It’s all about selecting the person. And if you believe you selected the right person, then you give that person the freedom, the authority, the delegation to innovate and to lead with some very simple measure.”

This process should be also thought through broadly in businesses, also in data management. Data is not everything, and I don't believe that Steve Jobs when he created the Iphone or Carrefour when it invented the hypermart looked at charts to see what a great idea is about.

Obviously, we need some kind of data and simple score cards in order to evaluate a part of the performance. Also, I believe that Annual reviews are good as they create a special moment to discuss about how things are going on in terms of management and processes. But data can't always be the sole way to evaluate a situation.