Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Robots To Be Used To Manage Out Of Stocks In Store

There are a lot of discussions about the phenomenal progress robotic made those past few years. Some consider it could become vital for certain tasks, for certain usage, whereas some are scared of their power and how it could evolve in the future.

Carrefour has lately undertaken some tests in store of robots dedicated to help shoppers out. But as I have already previously said, even though I agree that testing fast is a great habit, I did not see robots blossoming in a near future for that purpose. Nevertheless, LSA has recently published an article about Tally, another robot in the retail world.

This robot aims to control store execution, especially two turn off items: Price errors, and out of stock items. We all know (and we have discussed about the topic) how much out of stock could mean in terms of lost sales.

It can identify 15 000 to 20 000 items per hour, and send its results in the cloud.

Hence tally could empower your big data efforts with premium information that could help you apprehend key factors of success.

I believe that in a near future, we'll see those kind of robots flourishing in store.