Wednesday, December 16, 2015

CRM: You can't Satisfy Your Customer At All Price (2nd Episode)

A quick come back to yesterday post. I was writting about the reason why you can't satisfy all your customers, and also, how customer satisfaction strategy could impact the ROI of your customer relationship management strategy. 

But I wanted to give you another example: Social Media Marketing. Indeed, it still seems that most of social media strategy goals are to obtain the larger community possible, larger than your competitor if possible. Then, the second goal, once you achieved the first one, is to have the most activities from your community members, showing strong brand equity. 

But as a matter of fact, dealing efficiently with a large community of customers on social media is a hard task needing a lot of resources. you need to have the content created (mostly by advertizing companies), community managers, there to interract with customers once needed, but also a lot of reporting tools allowing to get data to analyse. All this effort requires a lot of money, lowering your return on investment.

Now, does it mean you should avoid social media in your strategy? Not at all! Social media has become a mandatory tool to manage your customer relationship management interactions. But you don't necessarily need to create a community, or to respond to all your customers, or to spend money on advertizing to make sure you have the most likes or the most views on Youtube. 

I always have in mind the "Engie" advertizing I have seen countless times on Youtube. The only purpose? Make sure customers new about the renaming of GDF Suez in Engie. The campaign was using Youtube as a mass market media, but don't think the usage was accurate.

You could maybe have a specific campaign targeting a specific clientele segment to promote a specific service. Which actually would probably be way more efficient.

Once again, CRM could be a key factor of success to raise sales and gain market shares, but it needs to be taken care carefully, in order to be efficient.