Thursday, December 17, 2015

Carrefour Releases Top Of The Line Concept Store In Belgium (Video)

LSA is sharing with us some videos of Carrefour's new concept store, which opened in Mons les Grand Prés, Belgium. Carrefour used to hit the headlines of most of the retail news magazines 5 years ago while its innovative new concept Carrefour Planet was released in the Lyon's suburbs. 

Carrefour Planet was soon to be considered as a failure by analyst, as sales kept on plumetting for Carrefour in France and worlwide, before the then-CEO Lars Olofsson resigned. If you want to check some articles I wrote about the topic at the time, you may go here or there. To shortly give you my thoughts about Carrefour Planet: It was surely not the sole response to Carrefour's problems, and could not solve the sales decrease, but it was for sure a good concept in overal (even though a bit pricy to implement maybe), but it was not either the issue with Carrefours' issues at the time.

I wanted to share with you some of the videos, especially to my international audience. The videos show clearly Carrefour emphasizing in its know how in terms of fresh products, the usage of new digital technologies, but also the will to work on the shopping experience. If you have a European store check to plan, you shall have a stop by this store.

Nevertheless, a cutting edge execution, especially compared to the new store I visited at Villeneuve la Garenne which was very deceiving.