Monday, December 14, 2015

9 Ways To Motivate A Team When Not Setting A Goal

Management is a key factor of success in retailing and in customer relationship management. I have written countless time about how important human interactions are key in CRM.
Moreover, we see more and more we see companies abandonning traditionnal goals to focus more on qualitative aspect. This is the reason why Accenture abandonned its annual evaluations, or Unilever don't provide anymore quaterly results, to focus more on the long term. 

I read a long time ago this blog post about the 9 ways to motivate employees when you have not set a specific goal. I believe it is important because actually, motivation comes from simple thing you could implement on a daily basis, that could have tremendous success.

1. Remember that you don’t actually motivate anyone
2. Take Responsibility – Don’t Pass the Buck
3. Be Transparent
4. Believe
5. Help
6. Own the Problem
7. Advocate
9. Celebrate