Monday, January 04, 2016

My New Year Resolutions

I am not discussing much about myself on this blog as I try to focus as much as possible on what is going on in the marketing, strategy and retail world, nor I like to discuss about personnal concern either, as it is a professionnal blog. Neither am I a big fan of new year resolutions, as they don't last that long most of the time, and they are hard to keep on.

Nevertheless, sometimes it works. I already experienced it, and sometimes it works. And today I want to talk about New Year Resolutions for 2 main reasons:

1-Because sometimes you need a ritual to change things
This is something I learned from listening to Tony Robbins, the famous life coach. For some it is the time of the baptism to become a man, or sometimes it is to get your graduate diploma, your "Bac" in France, in some tribes you have also specific ritual that marks a change, more than an accomplishment. So the new year, even though it happens every year, could somehow work as a kind of ritual.

2-Because it will keep me accountable
I am the kind of person that when it says it, it does it, and by publicly announcing my goals, I am accountable for them. I had a friend of mine that decided to quit smoking, and started to say to all its friends he will  quit on a specific day, and the technique he will use. And it worked! I believe it was a key factor of success for him. 

Not To Over Achieve
I believe this is something key in order to keep consistent results. If you start with a long list of things to change, it is more likely you will be overwhelmed. That is the reason why I am going to keep a very short list of things, in different fields, in order to keep my focus on. I will let you know through my blog also how I progress on things, and let you know if that really works or not.

Do you have new year resolutions? My new year resolutions in the next post.