Tuesday, June 16, 2015

SFR Launches New Concept Store To Improve Shopping Experience #Retail

SFR is one of the leading mobile phone network in France. Over the past few years the business model of SFR has evolved a lot based on two facts:
  • The market became mature, and after a long phase of equipment, SFR is in a market where it needs to fight for its market share.
  • The arrival of a low cost company Free which hurt its profitability and forced to modify its operation costs modell.
Hence, SFR is trying to modify its retail network in order to adapt to those changes. They recently launched a new concept store, aimed to enhance customer and shopper experience, based on new technologies.

Some of the remarkable ideas:
  • A lot of screens showing out the options and the usages of the cell phone.
  • When the customers hold 2 cell phones at a time, the screen show you the comparaison of both modells.
  • A new after sales service which allows to respond to two customers at a time, which limits the waiting time.
  • A lot of effort was made on the merchandizing to show clearly the different categories (after sales, cell phones, home equipment...)