Thursday, June 25, 2015

8 Steps To Build Expertise In A New Field

This is a key advice I give to most of the students that come to see me to discuss about my career and how they should embrace one career or another. I have been very fortunate as a student to have great professors that gave me some advices that helped me out achieve what I have achieved so far.

One of the key advice I must give, when they are entering a great master like Paris Dauphine, I always emphasize on learning how to constantly learn rather than on focusing on the courses content of the moment. In our nowadays business world, things evolve fast: technology, sociology, techniques, business trends, countries... That forces the best to always been able to adapt and to seek for the new trends to leverage them in their business.

When I was a student, Myspace was a key component of what we learned, Facebook barely existed, smartphones were impossible to forecast what they become. I have never heard a teacher talking about Alibaba, Uber or the Kindle. What is important is to be able to learn, from people, from news, from your company, what is going on in order to constantly be up to dated.