Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gamestops' Ibeacon Usage: Using Ibeacon To Enhance Salesforce Interractions With Shoppers

It was a while I favorited this tweet of Laurence Faguer: 

Ibeacon's initiatives are blossoming as it brings high expectations in term of customer relationship management and shopping experience. But so far, it looks more like experimentations than actually a game changing technology. Laurence tells us about how Gamestop is testing its beacons in 36 of its stores. Obviously, a great part of the test consist in providing specific deals and content about the video games on the shopper's mobile devices.

 But the beacons actually provide details about the customers' habits and preferences in order to customize their advices.

I really like this example because so far Ibeacons have been aimed to generate traffic by proposing discounts once the customer is nearby a store. But I am not convinced yet by what I have seen it is the most efficient way to use the technology, as it will become aggressive and have privacy issues.

But beacons linked to a good SFA software could give a boost to the interractions in store between the sales people and the shopper, and provide an enhance customer experience.