Saturday, March 13, 2010

Moving Toward TV Apps

The TV concept is changing fast. The TV advertising market is plummeting and new technologies have revolutionized the way we consume it. Several changes have made TV consumption not a mass media any longer:

  • Video on Demand
    Cable TV, which provides more and more channels, more and more specialized
    The rise of P2P first, and then streaming videos on the Internet, with shorter content

    Hence, TV sets producers and high tech companies are rethinking the concept. And it would not be surprising if we will see soon enough some TV applications, which would makes the TV usage more interactive, and more compelling. Indeed, there is little difference between an Iphone and a TV except for the size. You may watch some TV shows on your mobile phone, and if you have Iphone apps, why couldn’t you use them on TV. Therefore, some companies have started to work on TV applications.

    So far, it is a struggle to launch into the market. Regulation is heavy. But I believe that the difference between a TV and a computer will be slim, and you will be able to access some nice applications, like the ones you may use on video games hardware for instance. I believe the market is penalized by the large number of TV makers, which makes it difficult to have a consensus and hence to create applications that could generate thousands of downloads. But once TV makers, and maybe a provider like Itunes has become for Iphone apps will appear, I believe this market will become very interesting.