Monday, March 29, 2010

Mastering The 4 C's Of BtoB Marketing

You might know the 4 Ps of marketing, which is one of the basics professors might have talked to you about in your first class. But as marketing is a wide science which will evolve depending on the industry and your place in the market, I found this very interesting article about the 4 C's of btob marketing.

I have worked in the marketing field for a btob company, PB Gelatin, in Davenport IA. It has been a very fun experience, because I was in a totally unknown market, and as an intern, I understood a lot about btob issues and how it was different from btocs. Therefore, having an appropriate strategy really matters.

According to this article, the 4 C’s of B2B Marketing are:

  • Content – the creation of a steady stream of engaging content
  • Connection – connecting with the audience you wish to attract
  • Communication – communicating with them in an ongoing conversation
  • Conversion – and then converting them at the illusive moment of need

Now what is interesting with these 4 Cs, it is that they are all a component of a community, and actually of the concept of web 2.0. Therefore, mastering the web 2.0 sphere could give you an incredible advantage upon competition.

This is the reason why I have always considered the Internet as one of the best tool you could use for your business to business activity, especially blogging. Because as you are blogging:
  1. You create content, that shows out your expertise, and also gives the will to engage the conversation
  2. By blogging, you set up a relationship with your audience, that may come back, comment your posts, and even contact you.
Therefore, I believe that in any btob company, you should have blogging activities. What do you think about it?