Wednesday, March 10, 2010

E merchants Willing To Monetize Their Audience

E commerce is still fast growing market, but the growth speed is decreasing as the market is becoming more mature. Hence, e retailers start to seek for new opportunities to grow.

Hence, according to Forrester, 97% of people visiting an ecommerce website leave without buying anything. The idea is to leverage this mass of people into revenues. And therefore, some big e merchants have started to use advertising on their website.

Monetizing audience of emerchant has become a strategic talk in the US. And this is no surprise to me such programs are being discussed right now. Indeed, some of these websites are among the most popular in the US. In October 2009 generated more than 31 million unique visits on its website. Any other content based website with this audience would be profitable.

The key is not to allow any kind of competition to advertise on their pages.