Friday, December 18, 2009

New Service To Find Stores Information: Yelp

I didn't know much about Yelp before today. Yelp is a web 2.0 website which provides reviews and information about stores and restaurants. The website is nice and will help you find the best places to visit and hang around.

Now Yelp has launched recently a new Iphone app. And I believe that this new mobile application gives another feel and enhance the customer experience. Indeed, the main advantage is that it combines both the Yelp's website information and the GPS capabilities of the smartphone. Hence, the application can gives you reviews of retails around you in real time. You should check out what Robert Scoble thinks about it.

Mobile phones application and the first moment of truth

Speaking about the first moment of truth concept, which considers that customers make their purchase decision within a short period of time, owning information and/or coupons for a store located at couple of meters from them will probably be a turn on. When the customers have already triggered their decision making process by going out in a mall, and they hesitate which retail to choose from, they have a tool that will help them during this crucial moment.

Mobile phones reviews applications to provide improved data

"The combination of local reviews and mobile is significant because Yelp now allows consumers to post reviews as they are eating, drinking or visiting a business. Think about the review of a restaurant that had bad service. Likely, the consumer will be emotionally charged about the poor service. Before the iPhone app, the consumer would write the review after the restaurant visit, when he or she had cooled off a bit. Now the new app will allow the angry consumer to enter a particularly distasteful, and emotionally charged review directly from the restaurant’s table. "
Indeed, thanks to this new mobile phone app, the user is able to give his feedback right away during his experience and right after, which avoids second thoughts and then, can clearly gives a picture of his experience while shopping or consuming. This is very interesting, because thanks to it, I believe that customer reviews would be clearly different than the one that are written in front of a computer several months sometimes after what the customer has experienced.
Mobile phones for enhanced customer experience and customer relationship
That confirms my opinion that mobile apps is one of the biggest challenge for customer relationship management experts. Mobile phones decuplate the potential of customer experience.