Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Cars Equiped With Wifi

Found on PPC's blog. Ford since to be launching a new Wifi service for its cars. This is interesting because, Internet has been set up in planes and trains, and now I don't see the reason why it wouldn't get into our cars. Indeed, what is interesting with this concept is that you have people that you communicate with captive customers:
  1. They are in a place where they can't escape, at least during the trip.
  2. They are in a place where they don't have much choice in terms of entertainment
  3. They are in a place where there is no competition, as long as the manufacturer locks it.
Now the challenge is to provide content that would be adapted to cars, in terms of entertainment. I believe video on demand and games must be the best. Thus, I don't think it is convenient for a long period of time to type and write on a laptop in a car. But I might be wrong. Now, the challenge will be to set up a viable connection that will allow cars to get a great Internet service. But this video shows out that technologically, Ford already have a way to make mobile Internet in a car.