Tuesday, April 19, 2016

How Make Up Forever Used Digital To Reach New Customers

Make Up Forever is a make up brand designed for professional usage. That has always been its core business. This is the reason why it has very few diffusion in retail networks. It basically sells only through its website, Amazon and Sephora, which is owned by the same company, LVMH.

I love the health & beauty business, because it is one category that has been the most impacted by the changes in consumption trends. I read this very interesting article about Make Up Forever Digital strategy.

You may all know that with the rise of social media, a lot of new experts of beauty showed up, thanks to blog firsts, then now Youtube & Instagram. They count for some of them several millions of followers, and could have a deep impact on how consumers will shop, thanks to their tutorials and tests.

Make Up Forever has provided a lot of content to those experts in order to provide tutorial on their products. Once again those products are difficult to use because specifically designed for TV sets or modelling.

But because of these new media, Make Up Forever has been able to reach new customers that would have neither bought their products nor knew how to use them properly.