Monday, January 11, 2016

Savings Catcher Application: The Revolutionary App of Walmart

Creating an application that secures a high number of downloads, but furthermore a high frequency of usage is key. But it is actually not the case of a lot of retailers' applications.

The application is simple but crazily interesting for Walmart's customers:
  • They scan their store receipt
  • The application scan through local competition promotions and give a detailed comparison 
  • They provide the difference in coupons for a next visit

By doing so, Walmart is developping 3 important attributes creating loyalty in the retail business:
  1. It secures its image of the cheaper store
  2. It gets a clear database of how competitive they are compared to other retailers
  3. They get a good image for the loyal customers that are sure to make the right choice to have picked Walmart
Moreover it is very simple to use.

This application is for sure a  child of big data. Soon to come in France?