Tuesday, January 05, 2016

My New Year Resolutions

As I have previously explained, I committed myself in 4 different fields. All of them are important, and all of them required different skills or type of focus, which will make it easier to accomplish them all 4 at once.

Finish up my book
Indeed, I am writting a book. This is a totally new adventure, as it is the first time I am actually writting one. Always something that interested me, since I started blogging. So far I have a topic, an intro, and about 50 pages already. But I am really at the beginning of the book (I consider I have accomplished not more than 20% of the work).

I will give you further details in this blog about the topic, how things advance. I will also force me to be consistent throughout the year, as it is a long term goal.

Lose Weight
Over the time, I gained a lot of weight. Even though I still practice basketball and now soccer on a weekly basis, and I believe I am pretty good at running up and down the court, I believe I could do better. And I need to lose weight for good. I am right now at a 95 kgs mark, my goal is to reach 80 kgs, which is actually a very ambitious goal... I'll probably feed you with infos on my twitter account, as I need to check it out at least on a weekly basis. It will mostly go through controlling my quantities, rather than the type of food (I eat pretty healthy, no candies, soft drinks, alcohols, not so much pastries either).

Set Up Systematic GTD
I have been a Getting Things Done for quite a while now. Nevertheless, I have not been able to process it on a consistent basis for a long period of time. Once I feel good about my achievement, I tend to let it go a bit, which I believe is counter productive. I love the mobile app GTD, which is so great to use it (the best tool I have ever used for GTD). So my goal is to consistently feeding the app, to use it all year around. I'll give you feedback on this blog on how it goes, and how it helped my productivity.

Dedicate My Sunday To My Child
I have been working a lot and my child is soon to be 3. He is a lot of fun. But I believe that I have not been paying attention enough to his well being with him. Most of the time, he follows us, but not really enjoying his week ends, at least I believe. So I'll dedicate my sundays to specific events for him. Go to the zoo, see some of his friends, specifi playtime, or just going to the around the corner playground.

I will as I have said keep you updated about how things go on with my projects.