Thursday, January 07, 2016

Category Management Stories: Good Execution Of In Store Marketing

With the holidays season, we had a lot of display of in store marketing to promote products. For three main reasons, that turns those initiatives highly profitable:
  1. They are based on pricy items, like Champagne, perfumes, foie gras, among others
  2. There is a high traffic in store at this time of the year, which multiply the number of contacts with the marketing supports
  3. The holliday season and the mythology around it ease the creativity of marketers.
I just wanted to share with you a good example I found out during this period. It was in the Whiskey section, with this touchable screen display.

I remember there was a lot of hype during the web 2.0 phenomenom about the usage of such electronic devices to interract with customers in store. As a matter of fact a lot of initiatives cooled off everyone:
  • The screens are expensive, lowering the return on investment
  • Most of the time the content proposed a low added value to customers, which are now for most of them carrying smartphones with enriched content.

But as I have said above, it is Christmas time, so I believe that this was actually pretty accurate. Especially for a complex product like Whiskey, that for the majority of customers require information to get the proper product. The display could be found on a specific furniture at the Whiskey section.

It was proposing 3 kind of information:
  1. How to choose a Single Malt
  2. To discover what were the Single Malts about
  3. To get samples to try out the products.
Good initiative nicely executed.

So to sum up, the key factors of success of such an initiative:
  1. Relevant traffic (so place) and period of time to maximize return on investment
  2. Select a product category needing a lot of education
  3. Relevant content to create real added value and trigger the sales
  4. Complete it with specific merchandizing to stand the merchandise out, and boost the sales.