Friday, May 22, 2015

Mark & Spencer @La Défense, Paris: An Example of Proximity and Strong Concept in Retail

English retailer Mark & Spencer has recently come back in France after having left about 10 years ago. I visited not so long ago their deli store at La Défense. I highly recommend you to have a look at the store. Indeed, it is a great example on how to work a concept based on 2 strong basis:
  • Private Label: Mark & Spencer has innovative and long product ranges of private label. It allows the business to differenciate itself with a unique offer, but also to secure strong profitability. Private Label allows also the store to have a clear message and branding all along the store, to strengthen the whole concept.
  • Specific furniture with for example basket cases under the fresh section, to add chips to the ready to eat meals, or wooden furnitures for specific categories. A lot of work has been done to ease the extra sales.
Also, keep in mind that Mark & Spencer has in France about the same product range than in the UK. Instead of trying to match French taste, they keep their different offer to be more attractive. A lot of food for thought in this store.