Monday, May 11, 2015

2 important information about the top 50 E-Merchants in the US

I recently read an article about the top 50 e-merchants in the world. As you may know if you follow frequently this blog, one of my hottest topic is about how the retail fight will happen online in a very short term between pure players and brick & mortar businesses. 

To me, if you see below the charts, there are 2 very important information to understand:
Amazon dominates the market
It is by far the largest retailer, and it grows faster than the market. Also, it is one of the most efficient one, as it has a 35% market shares with 13% of the audience, which shows how good it is at selling to visitors. Now, what will be interesting to see, is how Amazon keep on keeping its marketshare as the market is getting slower, but, as the growth rates show, so far, it works great for him.

Brick & Mortar are clearly in the competition
9 of the top 15 are brick & Mortar retailers. It shows clearly their will to perform on this market, and their ability to be attractive for customers. When you look at the growth of Walmart, it shows clearly that its strategy to grow online works.

Now will it be enough to narrow the gap with Amazon? It is far from being done. But once again, a lot of room for improvement exists, which will be interesting to follow.

Top 50 des plus gros e-commerçants américains en 2014
RangMarchandCA Web 2014 (millions de dollars)Croissance 2014 / 2013Audience 2014 (millions de VU / mois)
Source : Top 500 Guide / Internet Retailer
1Amazon79 48017,13%109,98
2Apple20 62112,68%38,62
3Walmart12 13621,00%41,54
4Staples11 2328,00%16,80
5Seas5 70016,33%15,48
6Netflix5 50525,83%30,22
7Macy's5 40030,12%12,95
8Office Depot4 3004,88%4,09
9CDW3 80012,09%0,71
10The Home Depot3 76236,95%16,23
11Costco3 73921,15%33,33
12Dell3 6502,82%6,36
13W.W.Grainger3 60016,13%4,84
14Best Buy3 54016,45%21,62
15QVC3 5338,98%21,55
16Target2 99030,00%23,93
17Newegg2 8303,66%11,25
18Gap2 50010,62%20,00
18Nordstrom2 50028,07%5,85
20Williams-Sonoma2 37112,10%9,00
21Sony2 2004,76%2,50
22Kohl's2 16823,18%11,57
23Symantec1 9555,34%12,00
24Etsy1 93042,96%50,00
25HSN1 7228,82%15,00
26Liberty Ventures1 6986,39%10,00
27Google Play1 6485,00%30,00
28L Brands1 628-0,12%10,00
29Amway1 60550,00%4,00
30Groupon Goods1 56470,53%48,50
31Overstock1 49714,80%13,00
32Systemax1 4002,19%3,50
33Wayfair1 30044,00%17,25
34L.L.Bean1 2847,00%4,00
35Vistaprint1 4708,80%18,75
36Lowe's1 26515,00%10,75
37J.C.Penny1 22012,96%9,23
38Lands' End1 2012,39%1,68
39Zulily1 20072,50%14,00
40Toys'R'Us1 2003,72%13,00
41MSC Industrial Supply1 19815,80%0,63
42HP Home & Home Office Store1 1605,45%3,50
43Neiman Marcus1 14811,50%3,50
44Walgreen1 12515,38%6,77
45Fanatics1 10011,11%12,00
46APMEX1 053-16,71%0,43
47Barnes and Noble1 040-25,89%6,65
48Lenovo1 00011,11%27,89
49Urban Outfitters95420,00%10,50