Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Beware of the Kodakisation of your company

Very interesting article about the Kodakisation. 

One of the hypest trend in our economy is what we call Uberisation: meaning to have a competitor emerging in your market that rips apart your business modell. But something more interesting is Kodakisation.

Kodak is now gone, but died because of its inability to move forward, facing new challenges. Kodak had a premium leadership position. As the article outline, Kodak new and mastered digital pictures. It was actually a pioneer of the technology. But Kodak was too afraid to undo a profitable business modell it took years to build. And hence, instead of focusing on how to modify their business modell, they chose to focus on building incremental sales, which in the end, created a company too big to adapt, and led to their failure. 

And Kodakisation is a real risk. In most of our economy, the new digital age, and all the social and business changes that are linked to it, most of nowadays leader of businesses will have to face a dramatical shift in how to conduct business. And it is clear that there are high risks that we will see more and more companies failing at reckognizing their business modell must evolve.