Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Amazon Dash Button: Is It The Future of Retailing?

I read a very interesting article on Retail Dive about the Amazon Dash. Amazon dash is a connected object that you place on your washing machine in order to signal to Amazon that you are running out of clothing soap. The interest of the thing? This is the real question. The advantage for the customer is to be able not to forget to get Dash the next time he does shopping. But is it really an efficient way to do it? 

I highly recommend you to read the article, as it points out well the limit of the idea. Actually, I love the way Auchan is thinking about using connected objects to help customers shop and setting up their grocery list with Hiku

But the move shows clearly that both world (Ecommerce and Brick & Mortar), are on their hedge to a big fight this year.