Friday, March 13, 2015

Why I dislike When People Talks About How The US Are In Advanced Compare To Europe

I was recently participating to a conference about retailing and new technologies. In the assistance, there was a lot of marketing managers, CEO of advertising companies, and expert about new technologies and retail. During the introducing talk, the host talked about how the US were in advanced on some retail technologies.

My post is not about this specific event. It is about the fact that in France, but also in Europe, people tends to believe that the United States are way in advanced on most business topics. They have more developped technologies, better case studies, and it sounds as they outcast the European competition.

But I really don't believe in it. Obviously, the United States is one of the best country in the world for business. It embraces innovation as no other country do, which allow them to go fast and to test new technologies fast. But on the other hand, a lot of things need to be taught by Europeans.

Indeed, let's speak about retailing. Obviously, you may find more case studies about companies testing Ibeacons and multichannel retailing in the US than in France. But in terms of retailing, we are one of the finest country in the world. We have strong concept that we have launched abroad, like Carrefour, Decathlon, La Fnac, or Picard, among others. Actually, French retailers experience more success abroad that American's ones. Cdiscount is obviously one of the hardest local competition Amazon has to fight against. Galleries Lafayettes has been recently awarded the Internatonal Retail Award 2015
We have a real and strong know how we should be proud of.

In terms of innovation, indeed, we may have less case studies, we may go slower, but France is a wonderful land of innovation. The Drive thru concept was born in France and experience a massive success. Let's not forget that Sam Walton had the idea of its Supercenter by visiting Carrefour. 

 This is actually what this blog is about and the reason why I write in English: showing to the world how good France and French concepts can be. 

I believe the good mindset should be to see how we can innovate, how we can go beyond what people do right now, rather than focusing on what the others do. And maybe people would talk less about a fake difference there would be in quality between Europe and the US.