Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Intermarché Tests NFC Pricetags For Self Scanning System

Thierry Cotillard, Chief Executive of Sales of Intermarché, has recently opened a new supermarket at Issy les Moulineaux, in the suburb of Paris. If you are based in France and/or Paris, I believe you should have a look at the store. Because Intermarché has been one of the most performing retailer in France, because Thierry Cotillard is a highly skilled merchant, and because this store has a lot of innovation, including NFC tags that allows shoppers to scan their products with their mobile phone before paying it.

 The solution tested also allow the ability to provide coupons customized either when the customer enter the shop, or when they scan an article (in the video, when the person scans Barilla Pasta, it proposes the sauce of the same brand).

Technology will be more and more common in stores, to provide extensive shopping experience, with Ibeacons and NFCs technology. All linked to mobile.

Also, the store propose a joint venture with Columbus Café, a little bit as you may find in Barnes and Noble with Starbucks.

Despite the small space (1000 square meters), the store propose a lot of innovations.

As I have already said in this blog, France is a land of retailing, and Intermarché proves it.