Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Roamler: The Best Tool To Get Point Of Sales Pics

I recently discovered Roamler. Roamler is a tool which allows suppliers or retailers to get pictures and information about execution in point of sales.

Roamler empower regular people with an application. The application proposes them to do some missions in store, such as taking a picture of a promotion, or to see the prices, and reward them with cash.

A lot of applications have developped in this area, and I remember to see some couple of years ago. But what I like about Roamler is the kind of results they are able to have. See below in a single week all the different pictures they are able to get.

In the retail world, we have the chances to see on a constant basis some great stuffs happening in the store around the corner. Roamler allows your company either a retailer or a supplier to see what is going on.