Saturday, December 13, 2014

Reuters decide to kill its comments Feature on its article

Reuter has recently decided to turn off its comments feature on its website. It explains the reason why on a long article. The whole concept is to say that in the age of social media, where conversation happens everywhere, and that it moved away for the comments on their website.

I totally disagree with this view. Of course, obviously, the conversation happens everywhere on social media, Facebook, Twitter, blogs, among other things. But social media is about multiplicity. And comments on an article are still one of the best way to discuss. When I read an interesting article on different news website, one of the first thing I do is to check out the comments. Indeed, where is the best place to see what people think about the article if it is not on this same page? 

I maybe old school on this one, but I still highly value comments on an article. Actually, I would really like to have more comments on my blog, which I always appreciate.

What do you think about it?