Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Georges Plassat CEO of #Carrefour Talks About Entrepreneurship, #CRM and #Technology

French Interview during the France Digital Day 2014, not so long ago, of Georges Plassat, CEO of Carrefour. Even though it was an English speaking event, the interview is unfortunately in French. But it was very interesting though, especially:
- His vision of customer relationship management: Before customer relationship management, in order to have a strong shopper experience, you need to master your trade and the basics. 
- His vision of "reinventing brick&mortar", it is a great happening to talk about reinventing brick & mortar business, but without strong core execution, it can only be an happening, a great PR speech. It is not so easy to transform brick & mortar business.
- His vision of E commerce: Even though things go fast, it is important to take its time, and to reach profitability, which is not such an easy business.