Wednesday, December 17, 2014

French #Retailer Picard Strategy: Japan & France

Interesting interview (in French) of Picard's CEO. Picard is to me one of the most exciting retail concept ever. As Ikea or Costco, it is based on hard discount operationnal approach, but by its store concept and category management, provide high service and optimized added value to customers.

Hence, Picard only sells frozen products, but as it focus on this technology, it is able to have large product range gowing to raw frozen veggies to concept desert or meals like sushi or burritos. Picard works on a 1 200 product range with 20% of the assortment changing every year.

Picard is aiming to launch a complete activity in Japan, and right now is testing a 50 products range in some corner stores.

Picard is planning on opening 250 to 300 new stores in France (it is counting so far 900 shops). It believe that stores are key in the customer relationship management of the company, compare to the Internet. Indeed, Internet website don't have any soul, don't create no feeling which could actually lead to brand loyalty. Instead, brick & mortar stores are the best way to create a real customer experience that ultimately lead to brand preference and loyalty.

Very interesting point of view. For those who don't know Picard, and if you come to France, I believe this is a must see concept.