Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The 7 trends of Modern Retail

Interesting slideshare presentation I wanted to share with you. It is French, but I thought it would be interesting to post it for all kind of audiences. Indeed, in the presentation, they give a lot of concrete examples on great initiatives of both France and the US. Mostly in France actually. But I believe that shows that France is for sure greatly innovative, and that the retail world is changing fast.

Here are the 7 trends:
- New Imaginaries of commerce: The importance of the local production, ethic and organic.
- Collaborative consumption: Through rental, second hand product or by borrowing and trading items.
- New digital lives: Click & Collect is a big trend
- Sharp retailing: proposing different concepts to different targets. Retail needs to segment.
- Back to the Salesperson: how to emphasize on this human interraction instore.
- Social and sustainable development
- New business models.